The definition of success comes to mean, one’s ability to accomplish with definite focus.  Many today have the wrong view of success. The view of success by most seems to be one will do whatever it takes, even if it negatively influences others, to get to where they want to be. That is not how a healthy human being would live their life.


To be a successful individual depends on the individual. There are no rose colored glasses or a bubble that is available for anyone to need a category of success without effort and follow through. There is no easy way to come by success or one time and win deal. No one can be successful without having bruises and scrapes along the way.  Success is determined by the work that is put forth from oneself. It also is determined by one’s focus on their goal.  Once reaching one’s goal, one should not stop maintaining or focusing. Doing so will result in falling off the success Plateau.


  • How to look at Reality: Reality is something all have to contend with on a daily basis throughout through their lives. There is no fairy tale to include in any particular life. Reality is what is given to us, so it is what we have to workaround to be able to meet our expectation of a successful and meaningful life. Whether it is financial, family or personal growth, reality is very apparent. So how should we look at the reality of our lives? Should we let it hold us back? Should we use it as a motivating force to move forward? Or should we allow reality to restrain us in place? The way we look at our own individual lives that include the negative and the positive aspects, will determine if harsh reality move us forward for kicks us back. We have to start with changing our outlook on our situation whether it is negative or positive. If we feel that we have a lot of negative in our lives and it seems to be our reality then figure out what changes we need to make to exclude the negative as much as possible. If you have the ability to exclude altogether, then do so. Immediate action is vital for immediate results.  Does your negative surroundings stem from family, friends, associates for your own mental and emotional confidence? Some of these circumstances can be adjusted, whereas some of these circumstances can be eliminate it is necessary. You have to make your own judgment as too how to restrain the negative influences so you can move forward in the positive aspects of your life. Choosing a good support system whether it be through family, friends or workmates, will have a positive and well adjusted influence and you’re thinking and in your emotional disposition. It would also have an impact on how you view success. Making positive choices as to your surroundings and those you want in your spear of influence, will reflect and how you achieve your goals or if you are able to achieve your goals. Making adjustments early on can alleviate unnecessary stress later on and then particular subject.

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10% vision and 90% execution has been observed in the way of success. How you view your vision of success will have an impact on how you conduct your business on a day today basis. We all want success and the ability to have control of our financial daily lives. But to be successful we need to have the gumption, desire your focus to achieve not only small goals but larger ones as well.


So how do we keep focus intact? Keeping your focus intact involves you making the decisions as to where you want to be. Knowing where you want to be will motivate you on specifically looking for ways to go. Daily decision-making is inevitable for business owner. Day-to-day activities kept in their routine, will allow those daily decisions to remain in their place and not control the rest of your day and interfere with activities that you have viewed as important. So when scheduling your day, make sure you put your important obligations first. These important obligations are family, personal time, workout time, friends and household responsibilities. These important obligations will give lasting enjoyment for your life. Never would you want to put other responsibilities and activities before what’s important, or you be left one day lonely an unhappy. Finding the balance is key to any success. After scheduling you are important obligations, then you would want to include time brackets for business and business related activity. It is understandable that to have some form of financial security you need to Continue reading Having Executional Success in Your Weekly Business Accomplishments

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Times have changed from the times of our grandmothers. More women are working outside of the home to assist financially or to be the breadwinner of their families. There are numerous professions available to women more so than there were 50 years prior. Yet women, though they may have a career still want the ability to be what they are designed to be which are, mothers and wives. Some women have decided to become their own boss and run their own businesses. This has allowed them the ability to raise their children themselves yet have an income stream that can support their family financially, So can women be successful in running their own businesses?


There are some factors that women face in being their own boss. Some women are mothers, or are both mother and father, or are the breadwinner of the family. Other women are single and want more freedom from the demands of their current career. There are also the career minded women that our wives and mothers, who want the best of both worlds. All want to be successful and they’re ventures. All have the desire to have a steady stream of income along with having the power to increase their success as well. Desire does have a major role in the success of a woman’s business. If a person’s desire is strong enough, then Continue reading Do Women have the Ability to Run Their Own Businesses

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